Ultrapoint Downloads

On this page you will find the latest versions of ULTRAPOINT software.

UltraPoint Downloads

Desktop GUI versions are available: Windows, Mac and Linux. CLI versions can be found in the Github repository.

There are also versions for mobile devices. At this moment there is the beta version for android and soon we will have versions for IOS.

It is recommended that you take a few minutes to Watch Videos about using the software and the Help Zone.

Installation Instructions

If you do not have any version installed, go straight to step 3.

1- If you have a previous version installed, first uninstall the previous version.

2- Then delete the contents of the folder " C:\ProgramData\ultrapoint "

3- Install the new version, which you find below. INSTALL AS ADMINISTRATOR (Press the secondary mouse button and select "Run as administrator").

Once you have installed the software and run it, you will be able to Create a New Account, you will see a screen like the following one.

Important: Make sure you have the localhost in 17090. See the image below:

Ultrapoint Port - localhost 17090

The "Testnet" box is for testing only. If you want to use the actual version, leave that box unchecked, as shown in the figure above.

Select the software version you want to install:

Desktop GUI Downloads:

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Windows PC

This version works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. The x64 version is for 64-bit Windows. The x86 version is for 32-bit Windows.

Download Now (x64)

Download Now (x86)

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Linux version. The x64 version is for 64-bit Linux. The x86 version is for 32-bit Linux.

Download Now (x64)

Download Now (x86)

Mobile Downloads:

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This BETA version works on Android 4, 5, 6

Download now (apk)

Install (Playstore)

Download now (Github)

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Version for IOS soon

Download soon

Source Code and Blockchain

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Source Code

You can find source code in Github


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You can use a blockchain bootstrap, instead of syncing from scratch:


More Coming

We continue to work on several projects including: improvements in current resources, new operating systems to be included, Hardware Wallet, etc.