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How begin mining UltraPoint

In the following video you can see how to begin mining (extract, produce, discover) ULTRAPOINT using the Windows application.

All you have to do is Download the Software and install it.

Then you must create a new UltraPoint Account and wait for the software to complete synchronization (download the current blockchain) and then start mining.

Threads CPU: This depends on the number of CPUs and GPUs (graphics card) in your computer. If you don't know this, leave the space blank.

Looking at your Earnings

If after an hour you don't see the accumulated points with the mining, you can stop the daemon for a few seconds and restart it. Restarting it will show your winnings.

If you still don't see the accumulated points, then:

1. Find your Mnemonic Seed and Stop the daemon.

2. Close your wallet.

3. Restart session with the mnemonic seed.


You can also do group mining by joining a pool:

UltraPoint Pools