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ULTRAPOINT is a new blockchain system. Allows you to generate (Mining) Assets, store them, send them, buy things and much more. All this with the highest level of privacy and security possible.

To start using ULTRAPOINT you need to create an account.

A new account can be created:

* with downloadable applications for PC, Linux, Mac and others

* Online or with a

* stand-alone file (paper wallet)

* with Apps for Mobile Phones and Tablets: Android and IOS.

Here you can see a Tutorial to Create UltraPoint Accounts.

Buy UltraPoints

You can buy ULTRAPOINTS from Miners, dealers, merchants, resellers, etc. Information: BUY ULTRAPOINTS.

Accept UltraPoints

One of the best ways to get UltraPoints is by accepting them as payment for your products, whether they are goods or services; online or offline: ULTRAPOINTS ACCEPTANCE BENEFITS.

Mining UltraPoint

You can start generating assets using ULTRAPOINT, Watch a video here about ULTRAPOINT MINING.

Sell UltraPoints

Once you have UltraPoints you can keep them as an investment or you can . SELL YOUR ULTRAPOINTS.

Donations with UltraPoint

You can make a difference, because in addition to using ULTRAPOINT for transfers and as an investment you can also make DONATIONS WITH ULTRAPOINT.






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