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UltraPoint 0.13.13 "Sinus" Release

UltraPoint 0.13.13 'Cosinus' Release
UltraPoint 0.13.13 "Sinus" Release

This is a necessary point release of Ultrapoint v0.13 "sinus".

In addition, this is the first version that aligns CLI and GUI tags, with the CLI being tagged and released first, and the GUI tagged and released within a few days thereafter. This will mean that some point releases in future may be forced by a need on the GUI side, where the CLI may not have substantial changes, and vice versa.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • the 0.13.13 point release disables a portion of the server-side hash cache that was preventing a small subset of nodes from syncing
  • added a feature to allow for multiple outputs to be paid to the same address (unless you have set merge-destinations 1)
  • fixed a major bug that could lead to some peers, seemingly randomly, getting stuck at a block height and refusing to accept further blocks
  • ultrapoint-wallet-cli (and underlying libraries) can work in a number of units: upx, milliupx, microupx, nanoupx, picoupx
  • added OpenAlias support to wallet RPC calls
  • fixed hardcoded seed fallback issues when DNS seeds have failed or too few seeds are returned
  • added an optional config file for wallets
  • added an additional non-interactive foreground mode for the daemon
  • added mnemonic wordlists for French and Dutch
  • per-kb fee quantized to 8 decimal places
  • added a password function to ultrapoint-wallet-cli to allow for a wallet password to be changed (and all files re-encrypted)
  • added a cache on the wallet to avoid re-scanning mempool txs already scanned
  • improvements to auto-update functionality, including a download-and-verify mechanism
  • fixes to a number of logs shown in the daemon by default
  • massive API changes to support new features in the GUI
  • as always, loads of bug fixes and performance improvements

All the latest versions can be found on our Download page and also in the github repository.

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