UltraPoint for Merchants - UltraPoint Currency

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All you need to accept ULTRAPOINT as a payment method is to Create a New Account and then post it on your site for your customers to send you payments.

UltraPoint for Merchants - UltraPoint Currency
UltraPoint for Merchants - UltraPoint Currency

You can also receive payments at physical stores. Just print the QR code of your account to receive payments in a place where your customers can scan it.

If you have programming experience you can use the DEVELOPER GUIDES to integrate ULTRAPOINT into your site.


Among SOME of the advantages and benefits for merchants can be mentioned:

- Increase in sales.

- More Earnings for you, more savings for your customer: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and others can charge more than 10 dollars to send 100 dollars. The ULTRAPOINT network requires only a few cents to send even millions.

- More customers: ULTRAPOINT enables retailers to attract new customers and increase existing customers.

- Free Advertising: By accepting ULTRAPOINT your branded site will be mentioned in web pages, emails, newsletters, printed sheets, barcodes, etc.

- More Visibility for your business.

- Increased reputation of your business, better positioning in search engines.

- Easy to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

- No refunds. When you receive payments with ULTRAPOINT, there are no refunds, as the transactions are final.

- No Fraud. ULTRAPOINT saves you from having to deal with electronic fraud

- No chargebacks. Avoid chargeback. Companies that process payments often charge tens of dollars when someone returns a product. ULTRAPOINT avoids chargebacks.

- Gains from increased value of coins. ULTRAPOINT will continue to increase in value, and each coin will continue to increase in value.

- Provide security and privacy to its customers as transactions with ULTRAPOINT are SAFE, PRIVATE, UNTRACEABLE.