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The Basics

An ULTRAPOINT account, or wallet, stores the information necessary to send and receive Ultrapoints (UPX). In addition to Sending and receiving, the ULTRAPOINT Wallet software keeps a private history of your transactions and allows you to cryptographically sign messages. It also includes ULTRAPOINT mining software and an address book.

The term "hot wallet" describes an ULTRAPOINT account which is connected to the Internet. You can send funds easily but security is much lower than a cold wallet. Never store large amounts of cryptocurrency in a hot wallet!

A cold wallet is generated on a trusted device or computer via an airgap. If the device is to be reused, the data storage should be securely overwritten. As soon as a cold wallet is connected to the Internet or its mnemonic phrase or spend key is entered on an Internet-connected device, it's no longer "cold" and should be considered "hot".

An ULTRAPOINT paper wallet can be generated by downloading the source code of http://wallet.ultrapoint.org. Verify the signature of the code on a trusted airgapped device. Create the wallet and print or store it on the media of your choice.

ULTRAPOINT accounts and paper-wallets can be stored on any media - paper, USB drive, CD/DVD, or a hardware wallet device.


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Paper wallet

Create an ultrapoint paper wallet

Restore wallet from mnemonic seed

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